The alternative.
New Activated Carbon.
From the Nordics.

New approach

We are collaborative problem solvers dedicated to high-performance solutions with outstanding reliability.

New products

We create superior activated carbon products from organic raw materials, using modern production technologies.

Vapo Peat Refinery®

Our state of the art production unit will offer a major amount of capacity for the European activated carbon market. We will soon be a significant player with several large-scale production units.

Vapo Carbons is the contemporary activated carbon company.

It’s the
new black

Nordic pioneers

We identified a need for a contemporary approach in the European activated carbon market.
Our approach covers the value chain, from raw material extraction to the most sustainable production methods and low CO2-emissions. Quality, stability and reliability are at our very core.

a mutual responsibility

Clean air and pure water are the cornerstones of our planet’s well-being. Sustainable materials are increasingly important in creating high-tech products. We believe businesses are equally as important in improving quality of life through sustainable operations as they are in creating financial prosperity.


The most innovative product

We are excited about bringing a high-performance activated carbon portfolio with a low carbon footprint to the European market in 2020.

Initially our activated carbon portfolio will be mainly peat-based. However, the flexible design of our production unit allows us to use a variety of organic raw materials, including wood for example.

Applications aplenty

Activated carbon is a powerful adsorbent and widely used to adsorb dangerous chemicals, metals, odours and colours from air, water and gases.

Activated carbons are used in many everyday applications including filters for air conditioning for cars, houses, vacuum cleaners, kitchen hoods and water filters. They are also used in a variety of consumer goods like soap, face masks, toothpaste, and even lemonade!


Collaborate with us

We firmly believe collaboration leads to more creative solutions. By partnering with us you benefit from
access to Nordic organic raw materials and an R&D team dedicated to a sustainable activated carbon portfolio to accelerate your business.

Distribution partners

For distributors or companies with distribution networks, we are about product innovation and growth. We are operationally efficient and run with modern business management and development methods.

End customers

For our customers, we are about solving purification challenges by delivering high-performance products. Our activated carbon is from a reliable and sustainable source.

Vapo Peat Refinery®

The first Vapo Peat Refinery®

Capable of producing multiple products and a variety of activated carbons and by-products, this production unit adheres to the principles of the circular economy. Sustainability and recyclability are at the core of our business idea, with raw materials extracted using certified methods.

Progressive sustainability

Our production unit is energy self-sufficient and our packaging is made from recyclable materials. Our activated carbon products are recyclable as they can be reactivated.

About Vapo

Challenging the market with big business backing

We are owned by Vapo. Founded in 1940, Vapo has a heritage of sustainable business practises and a commitment to long-lasting, mutually beneficial customer relationships. More recently we look to seek out global challenges where we can put our skills to best use.


Engage with us

You can contact us directly or by filling in the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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